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About Us

Living with cancer will change your life and the lives of your family and friends. Your cancer diagnosis becomes a point of reference. You hear yourself saying, “Before I knew I had cancer…” and “After I found out I had cancer…” and the like. We have all heard these statements. Some women take their experience and set examples; inspiring those around her. One such woman is our Jana Rosenblatt aka Ultra Chick!

A fourth stage ovarian cancer diagnosis, while running a successful interior design business, would have stopped anyone – not Jana. In typical Jana fashion, she pounced on the internet, asked a million questions, took advantage of every available resource and cancer support program she could find. All the while, dashing around Los Angeles looking for stylish head coverings, wardrobe alternatives, and make-up to replace her missing eyebrows.

What she found was very disappointing. Even a highly educated woman, with a MFA from NYU in Design for Theater and Film, was finding it very difficult to purchase what she really wanted. As any professional women would, she needed to look presentable and comfortable with her appearance while coping privately with her health. Out of necessity, she began creating, designing, modifying and sourcing alternatives for herself. The reaction was overwhelming. Our eyebrow-missing-bald-on-top- sliced-across-the-middle Jana looked fabulous!

Chemo Chicks is Born!

While attending a business seminar in Seattle, “Peak Potentials”, Jana had an epiphany! By relying on her resourcefulness and the specific skills she honed during her design career, she had found some creative and unusual ways of coping with her treatment challenges. Jana had assembled a catalogue of solutions for dealing with baldness, make-up problems, fashion alternatives and helpful tips for women living with cancer.

Jana knew she had to pass this information on to help others in her situation. Her realization was overwhelming. She couldn’t even sleep! Was this the ultimate purpose for her illness? She had to sort this out. She needed to start right away but what to do next? As any smart chick would, she called her girlfriends!

One phone call and Mouthie Chick was in! She was so inspired by Jana’s concept; she gathered the team. Smartie Chick would build the website and run promotions, Girlie Chick would source and package the products. Sunshine would run customer service and raise community awareness, Mouthie would develop the business and Ultra Chick would continue to create, design and perfect all the solution ideas she was dreaming about!

This experience has been a complete joy for everyone involved! We hope our efforts bring you closer to your community, provide positive encouragement, deliver those needed solutions, and some giggles too!

With love from Ultra and the team!

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