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Sick Sack

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“When the Nausea gets tough, the tough get SICK SACKS.”

It’s one of those side effects we are all going to have to contend with at some point during our treatments. No, you can’t hide in your bed or lock yourself in the bathroom. You have to be out and about and try to make your life feel as normal as possible. Nausea and yes, vomiting, is something that we really can be prepared to handle with confidence.

Each lightweight disposable CHICK SICK SACK comes in a set of five or twelve. The firm round holder allows you to cover your mouth area with the knowledge that you are protecting your outfit, your car, or your desk…When you are done the entire sack can just slip it into a plastic ziplock bag until it can be properly disposed of.

Don’t let a little queasiness keep you at home; this couldn’t be an easier, cleaner solution! Keep a healthy supply in your handbag, your car, your desk, on your bedside table, or anywhere you WANT to be.