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Scamp Hat

$ 15.00 USD

Attitude is everything and the Chemo Chicks™ Scamp hats are all about attitude! Made of linen like fabric, fully lined and perfectly detailed, these playful hats make sassy accessories. Where them face on for a bold sporty approach or with a stylish tilt to add a little personality. Scamps give an impression they have a secret plan of action. Here’s your chance to keep them guessing!

Our Scamp Hats have a large dome allowing for fuller more complete head coverage. Super fit, and many style options, can be achieved with or without a full head of hair. The Scamp Hat has a solid back completely encompassing the back of your head.

Scamp hats come in two versatile colors:

Black is the perfect topper to any outfit. The linen like fabric gives it a less dressy more casual look. Match it with your favorite black jeans and a comfy sweater and you’ll look fabulous.

Creme is the perfect mate to t-shirts and jeans or match it with any earth tone outfit for that breezy casual look.