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Head-Art Transfer Stencil

$ 10.00 USD

Beautiful Henna Tattoos using Head-Art Transfer Stencils

Why not embrace the centuries old, joyful energy of a Henna Tattoo. Easily applied with our beautiful Head-Art Transfer Stencils created especially for Chemo Chicks™ by artist Jennifer Snoeyink, our own Artsy Chick. Choose from any one of Artsy’s four amazing designs. Adorn your head using the Chemo Chicks™ Earth Henna™ Body Painting Kit and Artsy’ magical stencils! Have some fun! Henna Tattoos are easy to do with a friend or with your regular hair stylist.

  • Choose from one of four awesome designs
  • Stencils are used with Chemo Chicks™ Earth Henna™ Body Painting Kit
  • Each stencil is re-usable for 2 to 3 applications
  • Package contains 2 stencils so you can keep the tattoo going for a month or more
  • Customize your design or simplify the look
  • Try the bonus page of border patterns, use alone or with your whole head design


  • 2 re-usable Head-Art transfer stencils
  • Plus a bonus page of optional border patterns
  • Simple and easy directions

Important: Anyone with allergies to citric acid or eucalyptus oil should not use Earth Henna. For topical use only.

Each Head-Art transfer stencil design has been created to help you easily apply an intricate and beautiful henna tattoo to your head with professional results. Each design is an original piece of art that will bring you joy! Once you are wearing your Henna Tattoo, have some fun with the reactions of the people around you!

Your Henna Tattoo will last between 7 and 10 days. Each stencil can be used 2 to 3 times and the Henna Paste lasts for 4 weeks in your refrigerator. You can keep one design going for a month or more by re-applying before the original Henna has worn off. If you prefer, you can let it naturally disappear and re-apply using the same design. You can even alter your tattoo design with a new decorative border or try a different one of the four Head-Art Transfer Stencil patterns. Be creative!

For the Tattoo application you will need to order Chemo Chicks™ Earth Henna™ Body Painting Kit. Once mixed, the Earth Henna is easily applied with the applicator bottle. Proper staining of the skin is achieved in just 6 hours and will fade naturally over the next week to 10 days.

Mehndi, the art of henna painting on the body, has been practiced for thousands of years in India, Africa and the Middle East. To paint the henna they begin with a paste made of crushed leaves of the henna plant, which is believed to bring love, luck and prosperity. The henna is applied to the skin, and when removed several hours later, it leaves beautiful markings on the skin that fades naturally over 1-2 weeks.