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Happy Wrap

$ 15.00 USD

 Easy to use microwaveable therapeutic wrap warms neck.  Can be worn on a chilly day under a scark or jacket, at the office or at school, even while you relax at home.


• Provides soothing warmth on the neck or any part of the body where you have sore or tense muscles

• Great for at home, travel or wherever relief is needed

• Makes a great travel pillow

• The cover is made with soft supple chenille fabric- very soft to the touch

• To clean, simply wash the soft chenille cover on gentle machine cycle and hang dry. (Remove scent pack and insert prior to washing)

Directions for Heating

  • Remove insert and heat in microwave only for 2 minutes
  • Wait one minute, and then remove from the microwave
  • Test the temperature on the inside of your arm for your own heat tolerence level. (You may notice moisture on Happy Heart. This is due to the natural effects of heating buckwheat hulls and rice.)
  • Place your heated Happy Wrap on your neck and upper back and let the soothing moist heat seep into your muscles.