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Earth Henna Body Painting Kit

$ 19.00 USD

Earth Henna™ is a unique henna mix, which was created to simplify a centuries-old tradition of henna painting on the body.

The henna is applied directly to the skin, and when removed, it leaves beautiful markings that fade naturally. Try our breathtaking designs to help you adorn your head, re-create your eyebrows and have some fun with your temporary baldness!

  • Henna paste lasts 4-6 weeks once mixed, must be refrigerated
  • Enough for 2 head tattoos and weeks of eyebrows
  • Comes with professional applicator and tip
  • Use stencils from CHEMO CHICKS™ for unique decorative head patterns and easy eye brow recreation
  • Create your own design


  • One cone of henna powder (5gms)
  • Earth Henna Solution
  • 2- 6gm Eucalyptus oil
  • Applicator bottle
  • Screw-on Applicator tip
  • Re-Usable Stencils
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Toothpicks

Warning: Anyone with allergies to citric acid or eucalyptus oil should not use Earth Henna. For topical use only.

Mehndi, the art of henna painting on the body, has been practiced for thousands of years in India, Africa and the Middle East. To paint the henna they begin with a paste made of crushed leaves of the henna plant, which is believed to bring love, luck and prosperity. The henna is applied to the skin, and when removed several hours later, it leaves beautiful markings on the skin that fade naturally over 1-2 weeks.

Earth Henna is a unique henna mix, which was created to simplify the centuries-old process. Proper staining of the skin is achieved in just 6 hours; and no lemon/sugar setting solution is needed. Once mixed, the Earth Henna paste lasts 4 weeks, if refrigerated.