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Breast Tee

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The Breast Tee® was designed to assist women with an easy, straightforward approach to conduct your monthly breast self-examination (BSE) in the privacy of your own home. When you put it on over your head, and slip one hand at a time into position, the clear step-by-step instructions guide you through a thorough exam. The most important reason for you to perform a monthly BSE is to become familiar with the way your breasts “look” and “feel” so that you may notice changes that may occur.

The American Medical Association suggests that all women 20 years of age and older should perform a BSE every month. The ideal time is two to three days after the end of your menstrual period, when the breast is least tender. Women who no longer menstruate may find it helpful to pick the same day each month to remind yourself. To this end we will provide you with a series of stickers to add to your yearly calendar.

We realize that many of the visitors to our site may have already been affected by breast cancer and you may want to help your family and friends become more aware of the need to perform a monthly BSE. Many others have had cancers in other areas and now have a heightened awareness of the need to examine their own breasts.

This product was designed to be a gift of empowerment to yourself or a most loving gift for the women you care about.

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Product includes:
• A comfortable cotton re-usable Breast Tee® with easy step-by-step directions to be followed during use.
• One size fits all
• Hand wash, cold, Hang dry.
• Comes with a comprehensive information booklet
• Plus, a years supply of monthly reminder stickers

Remember, the Breast-Tee® is not a substitute for professional health care, regular and professional breast examinations are very important. As always, if you find any lumps, masses or changes in your nipples, consult your health care professional at once. The Breast Tee® is in no way at any time responsible for any undetected lumps, masses or cancers.

For information and referrals, call (all calls confidential):
• the National Cancer Institute’s cancer information Service (CIS) at
• the American Cancer Society at 1-800-ACS-2345
• the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO) at
• the Y-ME Hotline (A breast cancer organization) at 1-800-221-2141